Pure Event Solutions 

Transforming your space, engaging your audience and making a lasting impact

Talent &
Staging & Design
Lighting & Scenic
Production/ Management
Presentation Technology

Services we offer

  • LED
    for custom graphics and motion graphics
  • Talent & Crew
    operating camera, engineering lighting and sound
  • Production/Management
    dedicated resources to manage
    your entire production
  • Staging/Design
    not an ”event in a box” – we can transform any space
  • Lighting & Scenic
    flashes of color, set the mood
  • IMAG
    image magnification
  • Presentation Technology
    managing teams, process flows and transitions
  • Projection
    visually making sure everyone can see content clearly

How We Work

Our highly-trained team is dedicated to planning every detail of your event from beginning to end, and providing flawless execution. Using large-scale video screens, dynamic animation and customized graphics we transform your event space and create an unforgettable experience.