Everyone Asks…”Why The Name Pure Melon?”

When I first got into this business I worked for a company with a couple of owners that really did not know what it meant to act with integrity and character. So, I wanted something in the name that spoke to doing business the right way and taking care of people, but didn’t sound all self righteous and whatever. That was sort of floating around in my mind. Then, a buddy of mine was saying that you just gotta take two words and smash them together like Starbucks. So, that was in the mix.

​I remembered that when I was in college there was this student that was trying to get this catch phrase started around campus. If something was cool he would say it was “pure trout.” Which was ridiculous, but for some reason it was rattling around in my mind. Then, I had lunch with my brother one day and he said “you gotta do something that plays off that big melon you got!”

Pure and Melon came together in my mind and as soon as it did I knew that was it. Pure speaks to the way we want to do business. Melon, in addition to the big bald head, encompasses all the things about the way we want to work. It’s not what you think it’s how you think. We aim to constantly be creative and ahead of the game with all sorts of forward thinking. Beginning with the end in mind, we strive to provide the best solutions for our clients. That’s how Pure Melon was born.